How to Go From Dateless to Daring
Step by Step!

This workbook dares readers to stretch their comfort zones and take chances. You'll learn, step by step, how to go from a dating rut to winning the ultimate prize - love!


What You Will Learn With This eBook

Dare to Date is full of fun advice, exercises, and action plans that will transform you from dateless to daring.

  • Feel More Confident

    Each dare you make will boost your confidence. Whether you say, “Hi,” to an attractive stranger or ask someone for his number, you WIN!

  • Flirt

    Flirting does not have to be complicated. Dare to Date shows you simple ways to get his attention and dares you to try them!

  • Rid Yourself of Manblockers

    Simple things like a grumpy face, standing with a hand on your hip, and staring at your phone are giant signs to “Keep Away.” This workbook challenges you to remove your manblockers forever.

  • Reflect on Your Past to Define Your Future

    Everybody has a story they tell about why they’re not dating. This workbook will help you identify your story, where it comes from, and change it.

  • Set Yourself Up For Success

    You have to know what you want in order to find it. Dare to Date challenges you to set your dating standards and know your non-negotiables.

  • Get Your Game On

    As you read this book, do the exercises, and complete the dares, you’ll be getting your game on! Remember to celebrate your little wins as you dare to date!

Learning to Date Has Never Been So Fun and Easy

Dare to Date shows you how to figure out what you want in a partner, flirt, date, and feel great through fun exercises, dares, and step by step action plans - all in one easy download!

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Download this ebook and view it on your laptop, tablet or phone. Or print it out and use it as a workbook to rate your relationship wants and needs, write out your non-negotiables, and track your dating progress.

Take A FREE Look At The First Chapter

In this first chapter, Suzanne Casamento shares her personal story. After hearing her girlfriends complain, "There are no good guys in this city," and "All the good men are married," she created Fantasy Dating and dared them to change their stories about why they weren't dating. Since then, they have all dared to date.

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